Graphic Communication Society

At one time, the GCS was Oklahoma City’s trade organization for graphic designers. This piece was the organization’s once-yearly membership mailer. Aimed at creative types, this mailer tackles the sensitive subject of “Creative Dysfunction” head on and without flinching.

Exactly what is “Creative Dysfunction” you have every right to ask?

Here is an excerpt from the copy:

Creative Dysfunction. It starts slowly, almost imperceptibly.
You dream up a new idea. You think it has merit. But something doesn’t feel right. A strange sensation descends over you and you suspect you’ve seen this idea before.
But where?
Another moment passes and suddenly the shock sets in.
Oh, no! It was in your own portfolio!
You have repeated yourself. Once again!
Your creative gears are in neutral.
Your creative ship is at anchor.
Your creative train is off on a siding.
You’ve got Creative Dysfunction and there’s no known cure.
Hear what the experts say…
“Creative Dysfunction is the state at which you achieve a sort of oneness; every time you come up with an idea, it’s the same one.”


And so on and so forth.

Creative Direction: W Kizer
Concept: W Kizer
Copy: W Kizer
Design:W Kizer