Copywriting — for ads and sales literature

Scriptwriting — for video and radio

Story writing — for submission to publications 

Public relations writing — for press releases and trade and B2B publications

Website content writing — copy for websites and blog posts for clients


You’ll get a good sense of KI’s copywriting abilities by reading the headlines and copy of the sample pieces on this website or by reading copy on the Kizer Incorporated portfolio .pdf that you can download. But the other types of writing that we do are a little more difficult to show graphically. 

These writing examples (regardless of whether they are print brochures, video scripts, press releases, or editorial content for websites) are the result of a process. 

This process includes conducting the necessary research and interviews; learning the particular industry’s specific “language”; pulling out the important points, organizing the sales message, and then writing copy that speaks to the reader using the tone, the style, and the “language” most likely to get the positive response we’re looking for.


Click the link to download a .pdf portfolio of samples.

Copywriting — this .pdf is a collection of brochures for a range of companies.

Editorial / Trade Pub Writing — this is a portfolio of stories that were written, primarily, for a “business” readership. These stories were written after we had “queried” an editor to determine if there was a need for a particular story; we then wrote to meet those specific requirements and, in every case, had the story printed.

Video & Film Scripts — this portfolio of video and film scripts includes scripts for Kerr McGee Chemical, Stetson Hats, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Express Personnel Services, Datatimes and others – essentially running the gamut from straight-forward, serious and corporate to humorous and entertaining.

Press Releases — this is a collection of press releases prepared for a variety of different companies.

Website Copywriting — this example is for the websites of a heavy construction equipment dealer, a non-profit organization, and a vocational-technical center. So no matter what industry or business you are in, Kizer Incorporated can employ our process and give you effective copywriting.

Published Books — this example is an excerpt from the book “OU Medical Center – A 100 Year History of Health and Healing.” This over-100-page volume required intensive research from hundreds of published and internet sources. It traces the history of three hospitals – Wesley (now Presbyterian), University Hospital and Children’s Hospital, from their founding through 2010, the 100th anniversary of the OU Medical Center. The book features more than 100 fascinating photographs from a wide range of sources.

Note: After each .pdf has opened you will want to click the “Bookmarks” tab on the left side of the screen. From there you will be able to navigate to the first page of each section more easily .