Kizer Incorporated creative and marketing services include:

Graphic Design, Advertising & Creative Development and Copywriting  that creates an image and a personality for your company, then communicates that personality effectively and consistently in print, broadcast and over the www. Through trade or consumer ads, brochures, sales materials, web video and others.

Strategic Planning that can help your company position new products, re-position mature products, or enter new markets. Through market analysis and planning, consumer testing and focus groups we can help determine marketing strategy and recommend tactics to help achieve maximum return on each budget dollar spent.

Focused Media Buying & Post-Buy Analysis that makes certain your media dollars are putting your message where it matters most; in front of the right consumer at the right time. We’ll make sure you got what you paid for with complete post-buy analysis.

Website Design, Development, and Content Management that will support and reinforce your brand image out on the www. It is difficult (and expensive) to keep up with constantly changing blog and social networking demands. KI makes it possible to have a world-class web presence without burdening your organization financially, or forcing tasks upon staff which they don’t have time (and perhaps talent) to do.

Public Relations from planning to execution. We’ll help you define your PR goals, then map out a strategy that might include media kits, story development and placement, product, service and restaurant launches, trade show support, press releases, user stories and bylined articles. In short, everything it takes to get a buzz going and keep it going.

Video, Web Video & Radio Production that executes and communicates your marketing strategy consistently and professionally. In all media, from broadcast to Youtube.

Consultation Services can bring years of experience to bear on your company’s marketing efforts, giving you a fresh perspective and freeing your staff for the jobs they’re best at. We can also be an independent voice in helping you select and work with other advertising agencies and media buying firms.

Trade Show Exhibits & Promotions that dovetail in a coordinated campaign that includes pre-show mailings, show literature, booth design and signage.