You can’t give your customers what they want, unless you know what they want.

Market research illuminates sales opportunities and opens new strategies. At John Q. Public our market surveys, both telephone and web-based, allow you to better understand your market and the attitudes of your customers.

Once those survey results are in hand, we will develop effective materials and methods (both physical and virtual) to reach your market. 

Barry Newton and William Kizer, the leadership behind John Q. Public, have proven track records in their respective areas of expertise — for a wide range of companies and organizations. In fact, their depth of combined marketing research and creative experience is difficult to find in Oklahoma.


John Q. Public conducts:


Telephone surveys — land line and mobile phone surveys to unique respondents

Web-based surveys — reach defined audiences

Results-driven marketing planning & strategy

Creative development and broadcast production

Media planning

Media buying

Post-buy analysis

Project results analysis


Barry Newton of Barry Newton Research has earned the appreciation of his clients and the respect of his profession over a career of  30+ years.  During that period, the Newton Research Team has conducted consumer and business studies for a wide range of clients. See a listing.


These include:

Individual newspaper studies for publications from Chico, California,
to Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Statewide readership studies for newspaper associations.

Thousands of consumer interviews on financial usage for banks,
savings and loans, credit unions and investment brokers.

Health care, hospital and insurance studies focusing on consumer
perceptions, experiences and needs.

Community surveys pinpointing opportunities for economic
development and retail growth.

Educational institution studies on program developments and
public perceptions of educational quality.


John Q Public/Newton Research have the diversified background and experience to handle your research needs and help you make that information pay dividends in increased sales.

Perhaps you’ve got a research project that has been too long on hold.  If so, let’s talk.