Kizer/Starr Self Promotion

In the 80’s I was partner in a design studio with old friend Jim Starr and one particular day Jim was whistling while he worked.

The song Jim was whistling was “Chances Are”.

After what seemed like several hours of “Chance Are”, an idea began to take shape for an agency self-promo piece.

Printed inexpensively on newsprint, this parody of the ever-present “Thank You For Not Smoking” signs, was one of a series of posters for Kizer/Starr and it proved to be very popular, even winning a Bronze Medal in that year’s Graphex creative competition.

Stan Richards of The Richards Group in Dallas was one of the Graphex judges and he called me after the competition to offer me a job with his agency. I took it as a nice compliment, but I politely declined because I had just started my venture with Jim. I’m not sure if Stan remembered, and I did not remind him — that he had fired me two years previous.

(Read the copy from the “Johnny Mathis” poster here.)

Copywriting: W Kizer
Design: J Starr