Minnesota Newspaper Association

The MNA is the trade association for all the daily and weekly newspapers in Minnesota. Every state has one of these trade groups, and we have done a lot of work for many of them working through the highly respected research firm, Barry Newton Research.  Newton Research conducts the market study and KI designs and packages the findings into an effective sales aid for the newspaper advertising staffs — in this case the advertising staffs of various Minnesota newspapers. It’s been a strong combination for many years now. 

With this piece in hand (both printed and as a .pdf), the newspaper sales force can prove they are not just making idle sales claims — they have the facts to back them up; facts garnered from a scientifically valid marketing study, not a rinky-dink online survey.

Typically, a series of ads are also created to trumpet the value of newspaper advertising in reaching certain types of buyers which the various newspapers run in their own publications.

Creative Direction: W Kizer
Concept: W Kizer
Copy: W Kizer
Design: W Kizer