H.A was always justifiably proud of his civil service career at Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, Oklahoma. We worked in refrigeration and he loved his work so much that he retired once and then went back to work for a few years.

He was laid to rest wearing his 30-year pin. This is his 20-year pin.



This is H.A’s obituary which appeared in the Daily Oklahoman.

Most of his family had no idea that he was a something-degree Mason; he never said a word about it, so he probably wasn’t exactly devout. Perhaps it was some ‘secret hand shake’ sort of thing that we weren’t aware of.


Sometime in the 50’s or 60’s, Mogom and Harry bought a couple of lots near Tinker Air Force base in an area called “Tinker View Acres”. After holding these lots for a few years they decided they didn’t want to build a new home there and sold them (in retrospect, a good thing. B-52’s would have been flying directly over the house). They bought several lots in “enchanted oaks”, a lakeside division near the newly constructed Lake Eufala in Eastern Oklahoma.

Click on this link to see these lots as they look today.