Mogom and Harry’s Family

Mogom and Harry’s family included the Hannifans (of Oklahoma City), the Lyons (of San Diego) and the Kizers (of Oklahoma City).

Mogom and Harry made their home at 1140 SW 30th in Oklahoma City for many years,

Carl William “Bill” Kizer, husband of Mogom’s eldest daughter Francis, built this porch swing. It hung on the porch at 1140 SW 30th until Mogom’s death in 1990.

At age 70-or-so it is still in nice shape… for the shape that it’s in.


Bill Kizer had a department store in downtown Oklahoma City for a few years in the 1950’s. It didn’t prove to be the long-term success that he wanted it to be, but he had high hopes for it when it opened for business.

This newspaper clipping announces the grand opening of Kizer’s Department store.


The building that our father put his store in was previously Wilmor’s Department Store. (Although a Bass Department store for many year, according to the story above.) So, the name change from Wilmor to Kizers was an easy one. History does not record, but the smart money would bet, that Bill Kizer re-cycled the letters on the original sign – only buying a “K”, a “Z”, an “I” and an “E” and turning Wilmor into Kizers.