“Allegories of Redemption” Commemorative Book

The 200-foot “Allegories of Redemption” mural hangs adjacent to the Oklahoma County jail and was commissioned by Dr. J.D. McKean to classically-trained artist Lee Shortridge.

Shortridge, his models and crew spent nearly a decade completing this enormous work of art and working out the issues involved in installing it in its permanent location.

This book, a 48-page case bound volume, was created as a commemorative souvenir and given to each participant of the mural project at the unveiling ceremony.

The book’s individual pages show close-up details of each panel, with the entire mural printed as a double gatefold in the center of the book and measuring nearly 52 inches in length. The printing company had never attempted joining two full-length sheets at the spine of a casebound book before and was justifiably proud of the result, as was Kizer Incorporated.

Copywriter: L Shortridge
Creative Director: W Kizer
Design: W Kizer