Google’s Pay-Per-Gaze Is the Next Big Thing? We’re Just Not Seein’ It. 1



Says Chris Taylor at Mashable, “Advertising is going to change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 100. If you need proof of that, just look at the patent Google was granted Thursday for a Google Glass-based ad system.”

Why, sure, Chris, that’s all the proof we need.

Note that radio, television and the .www became common technologies in the past 100 years, so Thomas is not bashful about making a wild claim, but others have been similarly enraptured.

Gushes another blogger, “[Google Glasses are] also incredibly accurate when asking [them] to do something like “Google pictures of cats”.

We at Kizer Incorporated understand full well that the undeniable importance of looking at pictures of cats on the internet — especially those that can’t spell — should never be underestimated.

For those still struggling with their privacy settings on Facebook, what Chris Thomas is saying is that advertisers will very soon be lining up to line Google’s pockets with cash for telling them that many thousands of eyeballs have passed over their ads.

Pay-Per-Gaze, which will be a part of the Google Glass system will allow Google (and others, presumably) to place ads, not only into on-line media, but also onto anything they are looking at through those glasses. Envision the possibilities!

Let’s take the Grand Canyon, a Hawaiian sunset, or your grandchild as examples.  With Google Glasses you can have your memorable moment interrupted with an advertisement — if you are willing to lay out for the cost of the magic spectacles.

And if you can avoid sitting on them in the car.

Or leaving them at the restaurant.

Oh, and that last little shred of privacy you were proudly holding onto? You won’t even miss it.

Photo from www.catgossip

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One thought on “Google’s Pay-Per-Gaze Is the Next Big Thing? We’re Just Not Seein’ It.

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    Ronson Michaels

    As Eric Mouth, grass roots philosopher, was quoted as saying in a late-’60s Harvard Lampoon issue of Life magazine,”Let’s herd ’em all into the Grand Canyon and fill it in with a million bulldozers.” Could he have been possibly thinking ahead to the wearers of Google Glasses?