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Presbyterian Health Foundation

Why is such a simple piece in the portfolio? For a couple of reasons.

First, it’s clean, crisp and was very effective for PHF in gently reminding prospective donors to remember the foundation in their estate planning.

And second because it stands as an example of professionals at work.

Most people don’t understand the subtleties of a well-lit and carefully crafted photograph on the conscious level.  But they do on the subconscious level.  The people who received these brochures felt the emotional  impact of these photographs, and they responded.

The Presbyterian Health Foundation could have pulled out the iPhone and taken an amateur photograph of whomever happened to be handy, and they chose not to.  

These emotion-filled images took time, talent, and cost money.  But the effort and expense paid off. If you are looking for the moral of this story, that’s it.

Creative Direction: W Kizer
Copywriter: W Kizer
Design: W Kizer
Photographer: Ted West at Digital-West Photography