Thank You For Not Whistling Old Johnny Mathis Tunes.

Down through the years, our society has undergone a subtle, tactical change in the way it seeks to prevent others from engaging in certain undesirable activities. 

Let’s take whistling old Johnny Mathis tunes as our example. 

In years past, a simple NO WHISTLING JOHNNY MATHIS TUNES sign seemed adequate.  It spoke with a firm authority. But in the final analysis this straight-forward approach fails. Why? Because you can’t order someone to stop whistling Johnny Mathis tunes.

Thus, the logical evolution of PLEASE STOP WHISTLING OLD JOHNNY MATHIS TUNES. This, obviously, was a step in the right direction.  We had, as a society, gone from ordering to begging the individual to refrain from whistling old Johnny Mathis tunes.

But even this breathtaking psychological advance required fine-tuning.  So it was just a short journey to the next level; the level where we express our appreciation to the individual for not doing something that he or she hasn’t yet thought about doing.  The end product of this evolution you now hold in your hand.

Post this sign and see for yourself how effectively it works.

This message brought to you as a public service by The Kizer/Starr Group.  A creative advertising design firm that also does pretty creative radio and TV.  For agencies or direct to the public.