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Years ago, just before the big ’80’s oil bust, Oklahoma City was obviously overbuilt with huge apartment complexes. So much so that their owners were having great difficulty renting them — going so far as to offer new tenants premiums like small sailboats, vacation trips, and other fairly expensive items.

My partner at that time, Jim Starr, and I thought we would be honest and upfront and have a little fun with this campaign — joking that it was necessary to “bribe” people into signing leases.

It was all in good fun, and I still feel that “Average Joe” out there got the humor in it.

But not the local news media!

As soon as the local TV news people heard the radio spots and (duh!) realized that apartments developers were, in a fashion,”bribing” people, they must have smelled a Peabody Award.

That day the news teasers screamed “Are Oklahoma City apartment owners willing to pay bribes to get new tenants? We’ll tell you at six!”

Instead of laughing at these goofballs and enjoying a ton of free publicity, the client ran for cover and pulled everything off the air.

Copywriting: W Kizer
Design: J Starr