Westminster actual cover


Westminster School

Westminster School is a private school serving grades pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.

With an enthusiastic, loyal and spirited alumni association, the school needed a new look for its annual alumni newsletter — one that was bright and energetic, but still expressed a strong sense of maturity and professionalism. The result gave the association a polished communication piece that they could be proud of and that could be carried forward for many years.

Creative Direction: W Kizer
Concept: W Kizer
Design: W Kizer


Westminster dummy cover


Sometimes Kizer Incorporated comes up with more than one nice solution to a client’s particular communications problem. We just can’t help ourselves. Both design directions for the WS alumni publication arrive at the same final destination, but they do it taking slightly different routes. (how’s that for design-speak?) In other words, we liked ’em both — the client liked the first one a little bit better.